Thursday, November 22, 2012

Classy Ring Attire: The Written Word Version (Survivor Series)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving week, like we mentioned in last week's podcast, we will have a podcast for everyone this week but alas it was pre-recorded seeing as how we knew everyone would be going their separate ways for the holiday. We also mentioned that there will be a post sharing our thoughts about Survivor Series. Well, this is that post and by "our" I mean "mine." So let's get to it, yes?

I didn't watch the pre-show shenanigans, did I miss anything other than Matt Striker's impressive 'stache?

Bonus Elimination Tag Team Match: Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel & Masked Failure vs. Primo, Epico, Tensai and Prime Time Players

I dug this match, mostly because I enjoy traditional Survivor Series matches and less because of who's in it (usually). That being said, it's weird to say that I like this match when the only thing that really stuck with me days later is how Tensai sandbagged Brodus. I will say that it's interesting that the two big guys were the first to be eliminated. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that WWE intentionally did that to make up for always favoring the big guys almost always. I'm not saying that because they would need to do a lot more to accomplish that, honestly I just find it...interesting.

Diva's Championship Match: Eve(c) vs Kaitlyn('s Boobs)
I liked a Diva match? I believe this would have been the right time to put the belt on Kaitlyn but who are we kidding? It's the Diva's division so her spot on the championship rotation will come up in a month or so. That being said, I really dug Kaitlyn's new ring attire as well as the gut buster finisher.

US Championship Match: Antonio Cesaro(c) vs R-Hooch
I promise I won't go on another rant about how badly Cesaro needs a new gimmick and I promise I won't remind everyone about how Truth needs to go back to heel. I just won't do neither of those things because we've talked about it for so long and I just can't do that to my audience right now. You all deserve better, much like we deserve Cesaro with a new gimmick and having R-Heel, but I'm not gonna mention those things.

It seems taboo to be complaining about a segment that leads to AJ being on my TV but we really didn't need scandal update. The only real purpose that it served was to bring out Tamina. There are better ways, friends, so much better.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Show(c) vs Sheamus
Once again, a decent match between these two. The recent trend for rivalry matches is that the 2nd PPV match is more of a story-telling match and this is no exception. The story that was suppose to be delivered was that it takes a lot of put Sheamus. Not a very original message seeing as how that was beat over our heads during the Del Rio program. The chaotic ending was to make it feel like the match was incomplete and will carry on towards TLC so maybe that's when we will see everything fall apart.

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio vs Team Friendship, Randy Orton, The Miz, Kofi Kingston
How fun was this match? I believe Joel and myself both agree that this match may end up in our list of top matches for the year. It seemed like every person in the match had their own moment were they elevated the match for a time before essentially handing it off to the next guy. I actually like Del Rio in this match, he had some high moments and actually put a big effort into carrying the match at the right times. Also, who would've guessed  Ziggler cleanly pinning Orton in for the final pin? Great signs for what is in the future of Ziggler and just maybe we will finally see him cash the briefcase in soon.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk(c) vs John Cena vs Ryback:
This match had some pretty cool moments in it like Cena actually squaring off against Ryback and Cena and Punk briefly joining forces to try to take Ryback out. Sure, we would've always liked to see Punk win cleanly but then we wouldn't have Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and the other guy so I'm gonna let this slide.

Well does it for me, hope everybody is enjoying their Thanksgiving. Look out for our special podcast for this week and we will be back with our regular-scheduled Classy Ring Attire next week.

Host Chris

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