Monday, October 3, 2016

Classy Ring Attire 242 - It Has Come To Our Attention, Those of us Who Are Frequent Watchers of This Entertaining Pass Time Known As Pro Wrestling, That As This Journey of the Brand Split Continues, We Are Forced to Have Frequent Predictions When It Comes to Creating and Producing a Weekly Commentary and Critique Show in the Form of a Podcast. Thus One Must Ask Oneself where One's Breaking Point Might Be. Is it the Constant Pay Per View Show? Perhaps it's the Minimum of Six Hours of Wrestling We are Expected to Watch on a Weekly Basis. Not To Mention The Commentary Shows Produced by the Company That Is Creating The Wrestling Product to Begin With. Where Is Your Breaking Point? While We Can Not Say, One Thing Has Become Clear. They Should Really Bring Back The Breaking Point Title For A Smackdown Pay Per View in the Future.

See Title.

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